Xin Nian Kuai Le

Ok, so much has happened in the last week, and I distinctly remember thinking of some wonderful insightful topics to expand upon, but for the most part I don’t’ remember any of those. So I will give a nice polite “here’s what I did” for posterity’s sake.

Oh, one mildly insightful thought I had was during a drive out to D-n-J’s place. Basically I was trying to figure out why bicycles never caught on the US, and I came to the conclusion that is was because we had A) too many horses, and B) too much money. I figured that by the time that horses were being phased out for good that the US had come into the money, so mix that with a dash of cheap cars and we were good to go. I never said it was a good thought, or even original, but I came to the conclusion all on my own, and I was pretty damn happy with myself. For like seconds.


Wushu has been uneventful for the past few classes, the biggest thing there is demo practice for a Chinese new years demo we are prepping for. It’s got fun fighting sets, but that is mostly the same set that Stephan and I did for that last demo. However, it still rocks hardcore.

New years day I was scrambling to try and scrape up a few people for the festivities. All the wushu people bailed. Even Sean was not gonna come, he had been tricked onto some other activity. So for a while it was just gonna be Me, Kelly and Danny. Luckily I was able to chase down Dmitry, and Josh — and eventually Sean did show up. Kelly was even able to get her bro and his woman to drop in. It turned into a night of fun games and excess poculation. Everything went well, save for Kelly’s repeated self injuries. And to give her credit, most of the self-inflected injuries occurred over the rest of the week, and involved no intoxication at all. Poor girl.

New years day was spent wishing I had never hear of Korbel or any of it’s products.

When Saturday rolled around I was able to drag Tom and Danny up for some skiing. It was sorta like skiing on a slurpee. The puddles kept getting bigger, the trails got muddier and we had lots of fun. Nearly the entire day was spent on the terrain park. As soon as we discovered its existence we never did another trial. I did some jumps, Tom mastered his grinding skills and Danny straddled a rail. The little skis were fun, and the worst part of the day was discovering the big gauges in the bottom of them. And for skiing, there are much worse things that coulda happened.

Sunday I was back at Chinese school. Chipotle. Then football. Mmmm, chipotle.

Hold on, I gotta go find a burrito…