House Shopping.

I think about houses all day, worry about mortgages all night and we drove around looking last night. We looked at one in Fairfax and a few in Centerville. The Fairfax one, at a mere $300K was ugly as sin. Awesome location, nasty price for a ugly house. Just think of a townhouse built in the early 70s in a development intended to imitate the nice southwestern stucco style nestled in the woods of VA. It wasn’t even a nice looking stucco and tile building, it was just ugly.

There were 2 in Centerville that I would actually consider, but they are so far away from everything. Well, everything ‘cept Jeannie. Which would really make up for a lot, but, she may be moving in a year and that location would el sucko.

I wanna ago drive and look at the places in burke. Burke is really my first choice, unless something pops up inside the beltway — but I don’t think that will happen in our price range.

Wushu: Skipped Wednesday for work happy hour (fun with beer and wings), skipped Thursday for house shopping, I may skip tonight (polly not) — but we got this big demo next weekend so I will log 6 hours of training on Saturday. I figure once I let coach in on the fact that I am looking for a house she’ll be cool. Of course it is hard for me to improve if I am not training. At least I have been lifting.