Well, house hunting involves making more choices than I would like to ever think about. Of course if I didn’t have the opportunity to make these choices I would be bitter that I lacked the options I want. Mostly I am referring to the mortgage options, but you cannot over look the bigger choices. Of course when we go around form house to house are basically happy with 75% of them. By far the most fun part of this shopping process is going into the horrible, horrible houses. Some of these people what two hundred and sixty thousand dollars for a split level town house or an ingenious floor plan that consists of 49% stairs. That place had a lot of stairs.

Oh, if they are offering a thousand dollar allowance for new carpeting the existing carpet is going to be really nasty.

And then there was the perfect house. For a mere three hundred grand we could have had the perfect townhouse in Burke. The biggest problem is that we expect the house to go for more than that. It was a little 3 bedroom brick townhouse. The lady that lived there had been there for a good 20 years — all hardwood floors (including a special hardwood floor in the basement that is guaranteed not to warp). new kitchen, extra cabinets, hot tub under the back deck, ya-know, the works. It just felt too much

Wushu on Saturday was long. And hurty. After checking out the open house for the perfect house I went off to class. I set off with the specific intent to be late to class. O-Mei’s infamous punctuality proved it self once again. Turns our that 15 or 20 minutes is not enough to be late, instead I had to sit around for 5 minutes. Even then they played the circle game (quite possible the worst way to warm up), I opted to run around the room instead. Coach called our warm up short. I pulled my left hamstring. So I took it easy on that. I hurt my left hip. I then iced my hammy during the hour between the afternoon practice till the time I had to leave for the rehearsal practice in Gaithersburg. During which my hip was killing me. It was pretty miserable. And the best part was coach assured me that it would only be an hour. Aaron and I decided that when coach says once, we should hear ten times. That way when we stop after 7 we are so happy to be done early.

Eventually we got to go home, on nice slick sleet covered roads.