I was really glad to make it out to gymnastics last night. I had quite the head ache when Sean showed up to give me a ride, but by the end of gymnastics I had a second wind. The best part was the trampoline has a new bed on it — so no more fear of punching through that told worn out one any more. The new one, while it is white, is really nice. Not quite as bouncy as the old one, but it sure is softer.

I did work on round off back flips. I never really got any round off back tucks like I wanted, but I was consistent with the round off whip back. I really need to make a solid point of drilling gymnastics tumbling when I am at gymnastics. I still have plenty of time to play around and have fun, but recently there have been weeks that I haven’t done any proper tumbling. I will loose what skills I have recently learned unless I can keep it up.

Oh, all that gymnastics followed a total lack of Wushu. I just flat out skipped. And Kelly wasn’t even home to enjoy it. I did how ever go shopping after work and grab some kebobs before going home. With the horrible traffic on the beltway that trip home took near an hour. Accident on the off ramp for 50, they completely closed down my exit. So I have to continue down and head back up just to get home. By that time it was 10 till 7, so I just ate my kebobs and played Starcraft.

I really dig having a laptop from work, the only problem is the “Q” key is intermittent. In fact I am surprised it works there. Earlier in this post when I wrote “quite” I have to type “uite” and use Word’s spell check to get he “Q” added on. Hmmm, right now it seems that the uppercase one works…wait no, it only works if you press +Q, if you just press Q (caps lock or not) it wont work.