We didn’t ge the house we bid on. It went for over $300K. But when we heard they had 14 bids we sorta figured it was a lost cause. So sad, that place was super-great.

So the snow came down last night. We decided that I would just take Kelly to work and she would get a rental car for the trip to Richmond. So I shoveled off the jeep and Kelly searched for my badge. Well, she never found my badge, but we were able to get her to work with out incident. On the way to my office form hers I was getting off the beltway onto 66 and the car in front of me lost control and fishtailed his way into the guard rail. I was able to coast to a nice stop as much out of the way as I could for the rest of the traffic. While we (the other helpful guy who pulled over to help) were checking on the first accident a second car went sliding sideways into the end of the guard rail. This cab hit the guard rail on his rear passenger side wheel. The man got out, took a look at the damage, jumped back into car and head up our way. In bewilderment the 3 of us stood there on the side of the road and watched as the drove by. The lady in the back of the car (yes, he had a customer in the car) just looked at me with this help-this-man-is-nuts look. Before I realized that my mouth was gaping open I notice that his back wheel was leaning in with a nice 30 degree angle.

We decided we didn’t want to be standing on this freeway ramp. The other helpful guy moved his car up the ramp to a safer spot. The first accident was able to get his car running, and because he hit the rail head on he just had bent up his bumper and hood. The radiator wasn’t leaking, so he was able to get his car turned around and up off the ramp. He assured us he had a phone, so we went off to work.

Work involved no interaction with a live person at all.