Thanksgiving fun for everyone.

Kelly and I had two times the turkey because we got to have thanksgiving twice: the regular Thursday thanksgiving in Richmond (at grandma’s house and everything) and a supplementary thanksgiving in the ‘Dorf. Both were great, but I gotta give it to the Tulli for their addition of can-shaped cranberry sauce. B-Ma had the homemade cranberry sauce, and while it may be more aesthetically appealing I just love the cran-can. Fill your fork full of turkey, stuffing and a slice of cranberry flavored gelatin and you are in for a taste explosion.

I missed Cheryl’s little dinner, I felt like such a moron. She clearly stated “Friday” but I had read “Saturday.” I even rescheduled other activates so that we would have Saturday night free. At least Bryan called me Friday night to see if I was there – ‘cause if he didn’t I woulda just gone over the Chang’s on Saturday. Awkwardness was avoided. Or course I also succeeded in avoiding social interaction with a bunch of really good friends.

Wushu on Saturday was interesting; when I showed up we had no power. So coach left. It was dark and sad. Plus we were not allowed to practice any weapons for fear of cutting up our classmates. Which is understandable, but still sad. Training was good, but kinda petered off there at the end. I got a few interesting pictures of people partner stretching. So other people decided to take some pictures. Which invariably lead to Jason, Bee, Paula and I doing our interpretation of modern dance while people took pictures.

Paula is going away (again), and we had another gathering at my house to send her off (again), but this time we also got to celebrate Her birthday, Amina’s Birthday, and last but not least, my birthday. Actually we met up at Jason’s restaurant, where we were treated to some Dim Sum super fun. They are not even supposed to have dim sum that late in the day but we got it because Jason (and his mom) hooked us up. It was good stuff. I have always been a proponent for bacon wrapped deep fried things, and the bacon wrapped deep fried shrimp did not let me down. A little mayo and them shrimps are good.

At my place we watched a little bit of the world games footage, but the guiding taolu got a little boring so we popped in the 2002 china games. Yep, we went A.W.: All Wushu, so Kelly went upstairs to do work. But that didn’t happen till after we had cake and ice cream. It was fun to chill with everyone; even Riz stopped by and hung out. Eventually Sean put in the new Two Towers DVD I got for Kelly. Over four hours later we were able to go to bed. That’s a stinking long movie. I still hope that the theaters will offer a “Lord of the Rings” package where you can see all 3 in one sitting. Sean pointed out that you would probably bet bedsores.