We skipped gymnastics last night in lieu of Paula’s Thursday departure. We got everyone to sign the collage frame, and gave it to her at the end of class. Class was pretty typical, I tried me some iron man wushu and did both sword and broadsword. My forearm got so tired I could not get my b-sword to make any snap at all. It was a good burn.

Recently (well, last month or so) I have imposed a new rule upon my wife: She cannot go away with out me for more than zero days. She has broken the rule a number of times since then. Good thing for her it doesn’t bear any sort of punishment or reprimand other than me dancing around demanding that she stay. I am beginning to think that my method of enforcing the rules I make up is flawed. I will have to rethink that – because recently Kelly informed me that she will be gone extra for the next couple of weeks. If this keeps up I am gonna relapse into my college diet of tuna and Oreos.

Gonna go find lobster with Paula et. al. tonight, so I will sneak over to wushu for some taiji fun and then go play with the wife right when she gets home. Which sure beats the hell out of leaving for 2 hours of wushu 3, maybe 4, minutes after she returns from her Richmond trip. Bachelor day is way overrated, especially if you are like me and depend on the wife for all sustenance.