Paula can eat. I am thinking she can out eat Tom the Tiger. We went to the poor man’s nice restaurant because she wanted a 3 pound lobster. Well, that particular red lobster has a very sad lobster tank, and it only contained small sickly lobsters. So she at least refrained from getting a whole lobster, and opted for the Ultimate feast (Maine Lobster, king crap, shrimp, mashed potatoes, etc). But eating that alone was nto impressive, she was downed 4 or 5 cheesy garlic briskets, a few stuffed mushrooms, finished Jason’s steak, and about half of Kelly’s shrimp feast. Oh, don’t for get the 2.5 bowls of ice cream at the end. That girl is a machine. We took a few pictures, but it was sad that she was leaving. Hopefully she will be back soon. Wushu just isn’t the same when we are missing ½ the people (come back Lucas, Sarah, Emily, Paula, [and every other day] Stephan/Bee).

We are facing a winter advisers, so our trip to Richmond this weekend may be in peril. I really wanna go, not so much to the party (well, aside form the free drinks) but there is a nice hotel and I would like to track down Jason and possibly some of the other Grove-ites. Lets just wait and see if the weather insists on being fractious. C’mon rain, c’mon snow — boo sleet!

We waited an hour in the beer isle at Safeway today during lunch for a flu shot. There was plenty of standing in the cold induced delirious talk. Things crossed the line a number of times, it resulted in an entertaining wait in line (the best $5 I ever spent!).

Spear tonight. I got to go now and do something completely unrelated to me throwing together the aforementioned local news.