Snow, a Corporate Christmas party and My Birthday.

The weekend started off the same as last weekend, with a long drive to Richmond. The traffic was not quite as bad, but it was still there. Only this time it was weather induced. We put all sorts of time and effort in planning around the weather as it was supposed to snow and sleet and freezing rain resulting in a complete shutdown of the east coast. Luckily it never did anything more than rain in Richmond, and even NOVA never got hit hard by the snow. By Saturday it has cleared up in DC so we were able to drive back late Saturday night.

And in the mean time we were able to hit up a big party for Kelly’s Company. Pretty typical of a well-off company throwing a big party at a hotel, clearly the highlight was the nice hotel they put us up at. I entertained my self pretty good as everyone else rambled on and on about so-and-so and what’s her face (the ugly one!). Plus Kelly got the hook-up and we were able to score all the drink tickets we wanted. Too bad we didn’t win the iPod door prize.

Most fun was hanging with people on Saturday. Chilled with my parents, hung out with Jason and reeked havoc over at my sister’s place. My nephew was the highlight of the weekend. That boy is great fun. When we showed up at Laura’s house Jacob was still sleeping. Eventually we heard Jacob fussing, but when matt got up to go get him Kelly offered to send me. So I poked my head in and asked him what was going on. He didn’t really gasp, but he sure had this stunned look on his face. Immediately he jumped out of bed and said that he needed to take off his pull-ups and put on big boy underwear. So we did that. I even helped him into pants.

Once that was finished he wanted to go downstairs and do Chris moves. I think we were able to keep him in the living room for a few minutes distracting him with taking off my shoes and putting on his shoes. But inevitably we headed down and popped in the PDP DVD for some Chris moves. I didn’t realize that the Peking Duck movies were like the Rocky Horror Picture Show for toddlers, it’s interactive, whenever something happens in the movie you are supposed to act it out at home. If I et knocked down, you are supposed to lie down; if I am running, your supposed to be running; if I am fighting you are supposed to be fighting. It was very entertaining to watch Jacob watch movie after movie, he knew what to do every time. During Transfer Complete we ran down stairs, typed on the computer, got stuffed in a trunk and broke free (well, we hit under pillows on the couch), and punched and kicked like crazy. It took me a long time to figure out what he was doing when he would look up and jump – but it turns out that it was when I run into the dead end at the school and I unsuccessfully try to jump up and grab the roof.

Jacob is great fun, and of course I love it that he thinks I am so great. The only problem is living up to his expectations. Ok, the other problem is the potty training – only this problem is not as bothersome. However I did get to learn that (and I quote) that “I [Jacob] don’t like to pee on my leg” and “Sometimes I poot when I pee.” And right after he told me that last one he ripped a good stinky one. Then he laughed really hard. I laughed too, then I wanted to leave the room. ‘Cause that was smelly.

Jacob rocks. Joshua too, but he is much more sedate.