I finally finished spear last night, and I even did an entire section. Very poorly. I just learned section 4, and despite the fact that I have practiced a number of the movements from that section before I still really stank up the place. Learning new stuff is fun, but it is also fun to be good at something and work on refining it. The awkwardness of spear makes me want to go back to staff. Sword never felt as good as staff. But spear is so cool. It also makes me wanna throw up. It is the hardest (read: most exhausting) weapon I have ever tried.

At one point in class it dawned on me that I was a decade older than everyone there. Aiya. We have one of 2 very serious problems: 1) The older advanced peeps are slacking off and needa return to train or 2) I am too old for this and needa slack off with the others.

Two more years.

On a sucky note: Shopping sucks. So do other work intensive obligations.