Shout out to all da homez: Stephan, Jason, Kevin, Amina, Tom (the tiger), Paulo, Bryan, Dmitry, Josh, Glenn, Danny, Jeannie, Sean and especially Kelly for making the piznarty funzzle for shizzle. Word.

Ok, ok. Saturday we had a little gathering based around the concept that Glenn and I are birthday twins. Amina was off just a little, but honestly her birthday twin in much hotter than mine (sorry Glenn). A few people skipped out pretty early because of the impending snow, but the remaining few had a crazy fun time. I gave my self the award for the best 3-man rule of the night Categories: if you roll an 8 (or some other trigger) the roller has to say a category, going clockwise everyone names something in the category. You have 5 seconds to answer. Hilarity ensues.

Idee fixe. Friday class was missing something. My first clue was when I pulled my hamstring. As I was rubbing red flower ointment (Chinese ben-gay) on the back of my leg I realized that advanced class had been bereft of stretching. Yep, we just stared out with running drills and is progressed into basics. It wasn’t bad till we transitioned from the jogging-esque drills to kick-punch. Kick punch has always been a scary one for me, form some reason I tend to shred things then. We must do that basic too soon in the cycle these days. Basics order is strange, I have been to a few wushu guans and they all seem to do things drastically different orders. There has got too be an optimal way. I’ll have to get Kelly and Jeannie to analyze that one. ISE’s to the rescue!