I wanted to train at noon today, but class starts at 11, and it is 11:06 now, so that is nto gonna happen. Crap. That woulda been a good day. Lift on the morning, train for a hour at noon. Chiptole for dinner. And a hour or two of training tonight. But it’s going to work out that way. I’ll still train tonight. Kelly, Jeannie and Danny getta go to the movie, and I go to wushu. Of course I ‘could’ go, but I opted to see Return of the King at Midnight with workers.

Training last night was abbreviated. With out the warmup and basics long weapon class is easy, especially if you don’t’ really know the form yet. I was glad I made it there because Sara was able to help me out on spear. Damn that weapon awkward and hard to learn. The other crappy part of spear is I am stuck on the compulsory until I get it good. I cannot come up with an optional until I have learned some proper spear flavor. But once I do, I am going to study them tapes I brought back form china like they are holy scripture. I know the compulsories are created-by-committee pablum, but it’s a good place to start. No, not really, but for some reason I have a monstrous geek attraction to standards. Horrid nasty appalling standards.

Oh, I found out I am allergic to Tilex. If I am exposed to Tilex I will sneeze like crazy all the while producing copious amounts of runny flem. Sure, my methods may be flawed. ‘Cause I was half way through the shower and thought it would be nicer to shower in a clean tub. So I threw the curtain back and jumped out, naked and dripping wet, even a little soapy to dig under the sink for the cleaning supplies. I grabbed the bucket with the brushes, scrubber pads and the spray bottle of Tilex. It was chilly outside of the hot water. So once I was comfortably back under the streaming warmness I commenced spraying, scrubbing and sneezing. I in addition to the tub and the tile on the walls, I scrubbed the shower curtain and even disassembled the shower caddy and cleaned that with astonishing attention to detail — a the while a fun stream of flem pouring out of my nose. It was about that time that I examined the back of the Tilex spray bottle. It warned me to avoid breathing the mist and to prevent exposure to bare skin. Luckily I was not wearing any clothes. I had a difficult time getting to sleep, apparently once you get out of the shower and away from the lingering clouds of Tilex you don’t just clear back up, you get all stuffed up. Just in case that was not enough to remind me of my bathroom adventure I must have continued to sneeze for a good 18 hours.

Sneezes are the most fun if you provoke them, and right when they are coming out you try to hold them in. Your sure to make a mess that-a-way. Normally a mess on your computer monitor.