A lot of fun stuff happened. It was Christmas fun so; I guess that should be expected. We went and played the family hopping games. Starting off for Richmond and Christmas Eve with Grandma and all the Longs. And a quick chaser of Waldorf. Kelly clearly wanted to relax and chill in the ‘dorf for a while, but I was going into work on the 26th. Which really wasn’t bad, I had Glenn come out and meet Kelly and I for lunch. He was supposed to take us out for Pho, but the place was closed so we went across the parking lot to Chili’s. The crazy thing was Kelly actually wanted the Pho. Normally she simply tolerates it for me, not that she doesn’t like it ’ more like she doesn’t want it. But she did on Friday. Perhaps it is because she wasn’t feeling so great.

After returning home from our adventurous trips we spent most of the time cleaning and relaxing. And by relaxing I mean playing SSX — and playing with our other presents. Kelly went and put on her new clothes and I played with my toys. I had fun figuring out my Diabolo (learned some fun new tricks from the web between bouts of hitting the sun server with a stick while at work, and returned home to try them out).

The most memorable of the Christmas adventures would be my Father in law’s fault. In an attempt to off me while making it look like an accident — he gave me a unicycle. The first day all I did was figure out how to mount that bastard. Which pretty much consists of stomping on a pedal and ramming a seat and post up your backside. A very odd sensation. I would try to scoot around but couldn’t find a good place to learn. A few other times I would get on it in the house but no progress was made at all. So yesterday we went to Falls Church high school and pedaled around the basketball courts. I stayed upright the entire time, mostly by the aid of my dutiful wife. The most I rode unassisted was maybe 5 yards, normally I would freak out after a yard and bail. But with Kelly’s help I was able to make a few laps around the courts. Now you must understand this was not a smooth easy pedal like when you learn to ride a bicycle, rather I would hold onto Kelly’s shoulder or back of her neck and push and shoved her around while trying to keep the unicycle under me. She would lurch and gag as she walked next to me and cheer me on. Sean showed and we had some fun watching him impale himself with the cycle. I even attempted a frontal lobotomy on the metal bleachers. Overall I’d say it was a productive day.