We got to meet J’s bo for the first time this weekend. Cool guy, he really fits her type, IMHO. Over all things were relatively uneventful — watched the game (which, in it self was eventful) on Saturday, and had dinner over at our place on Sunday. The game was awesome; I have never been into a football game so much. I was nervous right up until the end. Some how I was thinking that we were going to blow a 24 point lead with a minute left. Nervousness was unwarranted. Sunday we got hang with S along with the Mc’s (and new bo) and play games. Cranium, Euchre, Spades, Madden 2004, SSX — all seemed to flow together nicely.

OK, I am ready for Coach and Co to come back. I do enjoy teaching, but it is really draining. The lifting in the morning, working all day, going straight to wushu and teaching for a few hours and getting in some real training leaves me pretty stinkin’ tired. And it’s not like I have been doing it for a few weeks yet, more like 3 days. Pathetic. Perhaps I will feel better nearer the end of the week when I have had time to adapt to everything. But at this rate I doubt I will be able to make it to gymnastics. Training from 5pm to 11pm is long time. We’ll see on Tuesday. I wanna go, and Kelly is our of town…

Chinese school was 50/50 this weekend. The strange think was language went (relatively) well, and wushu was a bit annoying. My Laoshi agreed to use the book I used for my first zhongwen class, of course it depends on the price. And the price is $31, which is prolly expensive in the Chinese school setting. As far as the wushu class, my kids were pretty adamant about their lack of attention. To their credit a lot of the class was not run with the normal structure they are used to. One of the parents wanted to take a picture so that they could use it to make a flyer for next year, and all the kids had one of two opinions. They either A) did not give a flying crap and wanted to do nothing but lie on the floor and punch/push/pull/grab their classmates or B) thought it was embarrassing and stupid. I loved the kids on group B, at least they could stand still while I was yelling at them. When we finally transitioned to forms I was moderately happy with their performance. Note, that by ‘performance’ I mean their performance in paying attention and following directions (and knowing left from right), not really their wushu skill. Double note, I need to talk to A’s parents, she could be really good — I am gonna suggest they take her to a more productive setting.

Once a week for 8 months a year is not enough time to convey any wushu understanding to 7 year olds. Forget about the younger kids. Aiya.