I had a horrible headache last night so I took two Tylenol PMs to help me sleep, and they did a good job, maybe too good because now it is 1pm and I think I am still feeling the effects. I may just be sleep deprived and need to get more in general.

Nah, it’s just the medicine. Now, where can I get some caffeine?

Everyone got back form worlds this weekend, well ‘cept coach who opted to stay till this Friday. I was going to write that I hadn’t heard form anyone but just as I was sitting down to write this Jason messaged me – so I got to chat with him for a min. I tried to sham him into bringing Paula by the school tonight right after her flight, because we are all dieing to see everyone but he played the ever potent we’ll see how she feels card, dammit, how can I argue with that?

I have been in the school for pretty much all my free time for this past week. I seems like I was there more than I was at work, and all we have had to talk about are the games we play for the beginner classes, and the results of worlds. I love all those kids (and the few adults that make the ever-impressive attempt at wushu) but I miss all our mature (I use that word loosely) wushu pals. I hope Stephan or the Zhang’s or Debbie or Bee will show today (I know Bee was here the entire time, but he wasn’t here here).

Speaking of games Amina and I have been able to establish two new games at wushu: cross the river and horse stance tag. I brought the cross the river game back form china where I played with the Boy’s BJWT, and it worked OK, the true victory was in Amina’s contribution of horse stance tag. That game is fun, and double fun to watch. The rules are simple: play normal freeze tag, but when you get frozen you must stand in a horse stance, you are unfrozen when someone crawls through your legs. It is a little disconcerting to be standing in a horse stance and home someone run at you full speed and slide through your legs.

That game alone was responsible for pulling us out of are “I don’t wanna train” funk on Saturday after teaching the morning classes. I really didn’t want to train. So we played Horse stance tag for 30 minutes.