Crazy how all my training came to a halt once A, J and P showed at wushu. Much happiness. I also saw S for the first time since he returned — S is a beast, he is stepping up his training now that he has gone to china and seen the good stuff. His first day back and he was teaching 2 classes and training/teaching the third. Dead-ee-cation.

P got me the coolest pants. I was going to say they were tight, but that didn’t sound right in reference to pants. They are 100% pure Brazilian Capoeira pants, from a good Brazilian friend — can’t beat that with a stick. Jason hooked me up with a 7th world wushu champs shirt, nice shirt, really good quality. I so wish I coulda gone with them. I am making a concerted effort to hang with them whenever I can, as their time is limited here. Even A is leaving for China in a couple months.

I had to cut my chillin’ with the peeps short because it was time to go see my wife. Other people might try to lure me with presents but I hadn’t seen Kelly much at all over the last week and needed to go get a fix. I got potpie and brownies out of the deal too. She even reminded me how to play gin. I won (but I have my suspicions that foul play was afoot)

Too bad I forgot to bring any wo de tai tai de hao chi fan with me today for lunch.