Coach totally hooked me up with help on my optional form. Teaching 3 classes a day for over a week was worth the help she gave me tonight (Ok, ok, I didn’t teach ALL the classes by my self, but I was there for a lot of them. Amina was there too)

We did this crazy cool move in class, Hard to explain — like a left hand block and right hand spear as you step across with you right foot and as the spear finishes the extension you do a body turn. See, I told you it was hard to explain. Well, I promptly added it to my optional.

Fun class. She worked us hard. I am tired. I gotta go to work tomorrow at 8 am. Blah.

I was in the car last night on my way to spear class and I called tom back only to find out that his movies were getting screened in an hour. So I did a u-ie and grabbed Kelly and we shot off to Rosslyn. So many people were there, it was CARSY fun seeing everyone again. I really miss all you guys (I will keep you nameless for your safety — not because I can’t remember you names) I really need to “hit the phone and give them” more often. They are like my NOVA family. The sorta people that even if you haven’t seen them for months and months it feels like you just saw them yesterday. Perhaps training with people just does that. ‘Cause I have the feeling that the people I train with everyday now will eventually become that way.

It’s really funny to see which people stand the test of time and which ones don’t. I totally expected different people to remain in my life — and it’s not that I would trade the, um, leftovers for the lost (lostovers?), but it’s not what I expected.

Aiya, we got company, I need a shower and I got to be at work at 8 am. Ugh. I’ll have to be nostalgic some other time.