My new optional form. I am not worried about posting it here because I am certain that the cryptic code I wrote it in is not decipherable by anyone but me, but you can get an idea what my form going to be. I really want to make the floor diagrams for each section, so I may bust out illustrator and give that a shot.

Section 1Intro (left palms spear down and bring up, right; double punch; step out, slow right chop, left block; circle arms back into cross stance)
Front Slap Kick
Wheel arm, hit ground
Pounding fist
Front stance reverse side punch with high block
Front sweep
Standing jump outside
Half horse stance x block
Inside kick, hit ground
Kick punch
One leg punch, high block
Running front slap
Skip, back fist
Jump front kick
Jump inside, split
Swing arms punch
Side kick
Half wheel arm, scale
Step, turn, spear
Running Slap
Front stance, elbow
Drop stance, spear
Horse stance, swing arms over head, circle, tuck arms
Stand and open
Pounding fist
Walk back (3 steps), half horse stance, left palm heel block, right high vertical block (Jian Zian Jiao’s kick ass cool pose)

Section 2

Chop, stand (left behind right), push
Butterfly twist
Hit ground
Side fall
Kip up
Hit ground (both hands)
Cross step, spear, body turn
Wheel arm (reverse directions)
High cat stance (point left foot), single whip (Left hook, right palm)

Section 3

Running jump, right palm block, left palm push
Jump outside
Hit ground
Jump push palm
Running front slap
Wheeling arms, turn, hammer fist
Horse stance punch
Swing block
Right leg balance, left knee up, left palm block, right punch
Chop, chop, cross stance, hook, push

Section 4

Pounding fist

Aerial (or butterfly)
Running slap kick
Cross chop, front stance
Hook punch
Back sweep
Low cat stance, palm/fist salute
Flower palms and turn
High cat stance, palm/fist salute
Step out.