So this weekend I played Football with James and Co. I was even able to drag Tom and Danny along. During this friendly game of tackle football I discovered what I should have known for some time. Football is meant to be watched. Don’t ever play. Catch is fun. Maybe a little two hand touch on the 4th of July, but never play a pickup game of football with a bunch of guys. The most annoying thing is despite the tackle that injured my neck so that I can no longer look left I want to go play again. Next Sunday? I should fully recover by then.

Dumb game, made me miss changquan class on Monday. Given my current stat of being able to look leftish (not fully left, but leftish), I should be able to hit up some jian and gymnastics tonight.

My haircutter lady has moved form Leomann’s Plaza to York Town Plaza! I used to try to head out Rt 50 to see her, but since I am not out in Loemann’s so much anymore it is not so convenient, so I have been going over to York Town — despite the fact that the ladies there suck at the cutting of hair. I have had a miniature off-center crooked Mohawk cut into the back of my head there. Sometimes they totally miss a side. The crazy Russian lady once trimed my sideburns nice and even. Stopped, looked me square in the face and cut an extra ¾ inch off the left side. For no reason, I had to lean to the side if I wanted my hair to look even. I said leave them the same length! Yeah, I am pushing the consumer moron envelope by going back there.

Yesterday when I walked in I actually saw the worst of the worst looking right at me (the crazy Russian lady). We made eye contact; I knew that I was going to get stuck with her. When to my surprise Diane stood up and offered to help me. Yay! No crazy Russian lady to cut my hair! Lets hear it for the exacting precision of this Vietnamese lady!

Ok, so the last 3 times I came to work it was for full day of training. The training was not fun training like, say, wushu, but rather Java programming for web development. The training it self was not that bad, some of the topics even bordered on interesting, but overall the class was painful. We had a mix of technical and functional people. The functional people that took the class were taking it so they would know if their techies were shoveling BS or not. I don’t think it will help with that.

I propose they offer two classes, one short day long (or better yet, two half day sessions) with nothing but hardcore* stuff, and another class for the managers. This manager class could be called “How to know when a programmer is lying for dummies.” And just for fun it would be a weeklong class.

The class really wasn’t bad, just too slow. So slow that we went stir crazy. It got to the point where the people behind us were making strange horn noises. And every break we would but the vibrating Tigger in a cup and watch him dance. There is nothing funnier then a vibrating Tigger in a cup. Except for a vibrating Tigger doing indecent things to a vibrating Eeyore. I am never going to be able to watch Winnie-the-Pooh again. Poor Eeyore.

*I use the term hardcore very loosely. This is web programming in java.