I have been a bad wushu student all week. Sure, I can use the excuse that I hurt my neck playing football and I have stayed away in order to heal, but I still feel like I am slacking. Last night I skipped long weapon so I could go out with work peeps — which is a completely valid reason, and was a lot of fun as well. It’s just sad that we have to say goodbye to our manager. It’s also sad that he beat me to a pulp playing checkers. Which brings me to another point. Urges.

I have been having the urge to partake in a number of activitys. Ont of the being somewhat related to Checkers. Related in the fact that they are both turn based pure strategy games. Really wanna play some go. I also wanna go skating at that park we played foot ball at last weekend. Oh, yeah, I wanna go play football. Prolly some touch football because this tackle stuff was just plain silly. I wanna go train (I really wanted to train Wednesday when everyone was going to work on optional) but wushu is nto as high on my just gotta list right now.

Agh, actual work. bbl.