On Sunday Chinese school proved to be much more useful than normal. It was probably because I didn’t have any classmates for the language class and the one on one tutoring was actually useful. It may not have been the one on one that was so useful; it could have been the fact that Chu Laoshi let me switch to a different book. Of course she didn’t choose the book I brought in (I even offered to give her a copy), but it uses standard Pinyin. It also uses simplified, which is fine by me, but up to this point I had been learning traditional. Oh, if you are interested the book is A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing, strangely enough the non-chinese author is a non-english speaker — instead he is a French fella. Yay for one more layer of abstraction.

I seriously cannot wait for thanksgiving, I have been craving all the regular thanksgiving foods and because it’s only a few days away I am having a hard time convincing Kelly to roast us a turkey and make pumpkin pie. It’s not like if we eat that stuff now we can’t eat it later this week.

As far as wushu goes I am still working my individual, only minor changes here and there. I still need to polish a few things that don’t flow. But before I can really polish them I have to train it for a little while and determine if it is the choreography that is not smooth or if I just haven’t given my body enough time to get used the movements. When I was learning the compulsory I felt like it was so anit-coordinated UNTIL I figured it out. It may be the same thing for this.

Everyone else is starting to make optional stuff. It is exciting; we need more and more people to start training their optional. It’s works much better if you have a few people to bounce ideas around. Plus as we steal movements and borrow combos all our forms will improve. As we progress as a team I think we will develop a similar flavor in our optionals. Which is cool, IMO – cause then we can bust out the old school kung fu lines. “Ahh, interesting technique. You have trained with the great master from Sichuan. Prepare for battle!”