Sword class left me feeling nothing but uncoordinated. S is so good at sword; it seems o natural for him. Perhaps it is simply because he loves it so much, or just natural talent. I totally dig that weapon, but it is stinking hard to push past the moments of uncoordinated spasms with the girl’s sword.

Sure, they call the straight sword the “gentleman’s sword”, but we all know it’s the girly one. Spear too. Even the IWuF admits to the gender assignments in wushu via their proposed Olympic format. B-sword – boys; Sword – girls. I mean, you can tell just by watching the forms, one is all flowy and graceful and the other is slash-a-lishious aggression. Figures I would pick the one with leaping pirouettes.

Even in gymnastics the guys don’t even do aerial cartwheels, much less front aerials, or aerial twists. Guess what I have been working on? I gotta go back to training pommel horse again, or maybe some high bar. Then I can grunt and scratch.

I am not trying to complain, I just wanted to point it out.

Gymnastics was fun last night, but too crowded, I would love to have all the wushu peeps out there, but it got a little out of hand as people resorted to goofing off too much. There was screaming and falling off the tramp in creative ways. Eventually everyone calmed down and started working on actual skills, and I was happy. I just don’t want Carlos to get annoyed at the riffraff that gets dragged in (oh, and for the riffraff that may read this, you know your riffraff, so don’t even try to deny it). I had fun with everyone there, and I hope you guys can keep coming and we can all push each other and get better.

I also gotta be more aggressive at getting coaching, I have been going there longer than anyone else and I swear I get the least coaching. Sure, it may be the unorthodox techniques I choose to train, but other un-ortho’s seem to get advice. I cannot complain because he will help me when I ask for it, so I need to get off my lazy pigu and ask.

It was cool to hang with Bryan, and I don’t know if I should be annoyed that Sean left with out a zaijian, or happy because he gave me $5.

Oh, one last note about wushu class: hu zi tiao(rabbit jumps) suck, they burninated my quads.aI am off to Richmond in an hour or two. I seriously don’t see my family enough. My nephews are gonna grow up and I will be the crazy estranged uncle. I want to be around my sister and her family more, not to mention my ‘rents (as crazy as they may be. You know they are crazy). Plus we get to eat pumpkin pie and cranberries. Everything will be orange and maroon and centered around turkey. It’s every Hokie’s favorite holiday.