After the trip I got to sleep in nice and late because I was only working a half-day. Kelly was the smart one and took the entire day off so she got to stay in her sleepy pants and chill at the house. I didn’t need to go to work, but it was a good idea. So I did. Actually had stuff to do, so it was a good thing I went.

I got my sway bar link for the jeep yesterday, but it was the wrong one. They sent me a link for a 76-86 CJ, but that won’t work with my TJ, something about leaf springs vs. coils. Bah. So I called 4WD back and they said that they don’t have one so I’ll have to go to the dealer.

I went to wushu last night, but skipped gymnastics. Wushu was pretty good, sword class is always a fun class. However I get the most frustrated in that class because I think sword is prolly my worst event. I feel that I just look awkward in sword; I know I competed well with it but I still have quite a ways to go before I will be comfortable with it. I think I need to video tape it so I can see what I am doing. Need to remember to take my camera to class.

I skipped gymnastics because Kelly called and said she wanted to have dinner with me, normally she is in Richmond on Tuesday nights, plus I was spoiled by being with her every waking moment for the weekend, so I went home to see her. If I had gone to the gym she would be asleep before I got home and gone by the time I woke up in the morning. I really wanna work on wall flips though. Next week, plus next week my coworkers say they wanna come. Great fun.