I am finally feeling at home at O-Mei now. Something about how I got back from my trip to cali and people asked how it was. It was just comfortable. It is not really the tight group that I used to have, but some of that is the age difference — before we were all (for the most part) post-college pre-kids twenty-somethings that did wushu. But things are starting to get to a point that really makes hanging out really cool. Sucks that people keep leaving. Come back Paula! And Lucas for that matter. The biggest annoyance is the Maryland location, ‘cause that means that Stephan or Be (or coach!) will be MIA on any given day, so I only get to see/train with them a couple days a week.

Wo you yi dian bu shu fu. My throat is a little sore — yesterday I wok up and there was one spot in the back of my throat that hurt, and throughout the day I just continued to get flemmy. So I bailed on wushu (I did train taiji), and tried to go to be early. I am not sure if I should go to wushu tonight, and if I go should I push hard? Illness is the worst. I don’t know what I should do, it’s just a little cold (or maybe just allergies). I am currently planning on going, and trying to take it a little easy. But that brings up another question: Staff or Spear? Tournament next weekend, so I will need to compete in staff (if I want a decent score), but I want to learn more spear.

Don’t all them doctor types say you should rest if you are sick? Well, how sick do you have to be to start resting? A sniffle? Scratchy throat? Fever? I don’t know these things. Aiya.

I talked to my mechanic (Dave at The Car Connection) and he said that I needa replace both sway bar links on my jeep. If one is gone, then the other prolly isn’t far off. That being the case, I ordered some Teraflex Quick Disconnects. They were $85 for the pair, and the dealer wanted $45 each for the stock arms. $90 for stock or $90 for cool aftermarket fun. Easy decision.