Saturday I wet to the 10 a.m. taiji class when Kelly and Jeannie went off to the spa. Good class, and as Sean says “Debbie rocks” amazing taiji and a good teacher, IMO. I took off after class, promising my self that I would come back for the 1 p.m. wushu class. So, there I am sitting at home, flipping channels and I notice that the helmet has a VT on it. Tech game. OK, Rutgers. 7 to 0. Not bad. Wait, it’s Rutgers 7 and Tech 0. Ack! I had to watch. Where was Kelly, and why wasn’t she appreciating me appreciating football. I had this overwhelming urge to wear VT paraphernalia. Which is not so uncommon, I get that urge on any given day, but this time it was a little stronger than normal. So I grabbed my tech hat with the Chinese “bird” on the front. Whew. By the time 1 o’clock rolled around we had 3 touchdowns and Randall was smacking them around as he should. So I popped a decongestant and went back to O-Mei. Didn’t think I was gonna go did you? Well, I didn’t either.

That class I was way under performing, I missed my tornado split. When we were doing full set, doing a full set where coach said that if we touched the ground that we would have to star over. She didn’t make us start over and explained that she was taking it easy on me because I was sick. That just made me more frustrated that I missed it. One of the kids was trying to make me feel better and say that everyone has off days. That added to my already, um… too much frustration.

Chinese school on Sunday was pretty good, well, wushu class at least. Chinese class was canceled, as our teacher was in a parade. I finally got Aminia there for class and there was no class. However, she did return and help me teach wushu. Things were much easier with her help, it’s just too bad she will only be here a semester. Perhaps I can ask around at O-Mei if anyone would be free to help coach next year after A leaves for china. I have noticed that I am being more and more strict with the kids, and especially now that the class is getting bigger it is really needed.

We successfully switched over to learning Form 1, and I needa pick up the 8 step drill they do at O-Mei for the little kids. The Beijing Basic form that I used to teach is simply too detailed and complicated for 8 year old kids that train once a week for an hour, normally one 3 times a month. Excluding summers. I am really glad I went back to teaching there, I know it is annoying to have my weekends tied up because of an hour on Sunday afternoon, but I am learning a lot about teaching wushu to little kids. I felt like I had a good grasp on teaching TKD to the chillins but Wushu was a different story. I cannot teach the same way that I learned at all — I had too much background and there are too many things I took for granted. Plus now that Kelly has her bible study at the same time I am in Chinese school it’s not like I am leaving her home alone — now she also has Sunday afternoon obligations, so it makes mine seem easier to fulfill.