Yesterday I installed the sway bar quick disconnects on my jeep. It is a pretty easy install on the TJ, but the stock sway bar links decided they didn’t wanna come out. The bolt holding the linkage was rusted in there solid. I have the bottoms of both linkages free, well one side the joint was completely busted so it was just a ball joint on a bolt, but neither wanted to budge. So I banged on them with a hammer. Yanked at it with vice grips and nothing. Eventually I had to remove the entire anti-sway bar — at first I thought that was going to involve removing the front grille, but with a combination of 3 ratchet extensions I was able to trick the bolt on coming off. Once I had the big ole bar off it was easy to hammer the bolts out. This time with a minimum of swearing.

Yeah, every time I work on the jeep I like it more. Except when I cannot get something done. Like if a bolt freezes. But once I get it all working I am happy. I don’t think I will be able to sell it even if I got good offers. Which I haven’t. In fact, I have only had one call about it — and I wanted to tell they guy that I wouldn’t sell it.

Despite all the banging of metal on metal I did still make it to wushu. Staff class. Next week I get to switch back to spear. Well, unless I decided to go to this ever hearts tournament in November, I would compete with staff in that too. I really like staff — but spear is all new and fun. Which all reminds me that I really need to go back and not-forget the broadsword form. Or at least revisit my individual one.

Spear has screwed up the end of my section 3, now, after the running inside I want to spin too much. I could easily do an extra one.

Individuals after everyone one gets back form worlds! (See, I’m not bitter. At least no much) C’mon cool new forms!