Short weekend. We stared things off by going to the Yin Yang tournament. My results were pretty good (2 gold, 1 silver), but I was not happy with my performance. And after watching it on tape I was really not happy with my performance. This unhappiness lead me to sitting on the floor totally obsessed with what I need to do to improve my wushu. Even after we finished watching the video and everyone else moved on to playing cards I was just sitting off to the side. Going over wushu in my head. Eventually this led to watching China Nationals VCD’s and that in turn led to the decision that I will not wait any longer to come up with an individual form. Of course this just heaps on the already heaping heap of wushu stuff I am working on right now.

Individual chang quan
9 section whip
24 Taiji

That’s a really long list, wushu-wise.

I don’t get to work on 9 section too much, and hopefully I will be able to get coach to let me train my individual on class some.

Sunday I went and trained with Jason, Amina and Co. and was able to come up with a good section 1 and 4, so now I just need to fill on the middle parts. Section 1 does have a pass that is jump front snap – aerial – twist that may need to be shortened if I run too far. And I have no good ideas for where to put a tornado. Of course there were people in the china games that didn’t have any tornados in their long fist, but it’s the Quintessential wushu skill.

Strange thing. Kelly is really into the cub’s pennant series right now. We’ve been watching a bunch of baseball as of late. Not that I am complaining, I find it interesting, but it is still strange.