I was totally unmotivated last night. I wanted to go home after work and rest some before wushu, but I went to best buy to pick up a VCR. Well, I went out to the one here in fairlakes, but they didn’t have the player I had seen at the Tyson’s store. So I hopped in the jeep and drove out there. They had the player I wanted, but I was talking to the sales guy and found out that the Daewoo VCR/DVD combo supported VCD, whereas the Allegro one didn’t. I knew the Allegro could be hacked to play them, but I would much rather have native support. So I was standing there considering buying a frikking Daewoo. But at $99, it’s not that bad, plus it would be hidden in our bedroom. But, in a lucky turn of events there was a open box Toshiba. It was marked at $105, but the guy marked it down to $99 for me. It had the remote, but not the manual. I made sure the return policy was the same for open box stuff (30 days) and went with that. Took it home and everything seemed to work just fine so I am pretty happy with my purchase. I can always take it back for a Daewoo if I change my mind. Ha!

Ahh, but the demotivation continued to wushu. Wushu wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t all that good. I was pretty happy with my workout, overall. I was pushing for speed and clean movements for most of the class. Jason started correcting me telling me to ‘relax here’ and such. He has this amazing ability to make me listen to him and actually try to do what he says. I think that is stems from the understanding that he actually sees the problem, understands what causes it and knows how to fix it, otherwise he would not be saying anything at all. So many people try to help, and while they can see the problem they don’t understand what causes it and how to fix it. I need to keep my mouth shut unless I am certain that I understand all three. I also gotta give Amina credit in reminding me to breathe ‘ I am really bad about it, and if I am forgetting to do it and hear someone yell, ‘breathe!’

Stephan gave me a great little trick to help my aerial: kick your leg straight back. I still bend a little in it, but I am getting better (according to the accounts I have gotten, and I hope they would say if I wasn’t any better).

By the time I was at Gymnastics I lacked all inspiration and motivation. I tried to psych my self up on the drive down, saying that I must train I must get better, but it didn’t have too much effect. I didn’t even do wall flips, which was pretty much the only thing I really wanted to train. Gymanstics would have been a total bust if Sean had not been there to learn butterfly twists (he is getting really close). We took the rope down form between the cheerleading floor and the squishy mats behind the vault. I tried a few hyper twists with no better luck than normal, and then did the setup for a Butterfly-butterfly twist. Then tried one and crashed it on purpose. After that I was fine, landing them every time. I wasn’t even gonna try them on the floor (I was unmotivated), but I slapped my self and said I had to do it. No problem, it was easy ‘ why did it take me this long to get the guts to try. I always need build up the new things so slowly; it takes forever to get a new trick.

Now to see if I can do a twist after 25 butterflies, like that kid in china could. Cai yang was crazy-go-nuts.

My individual form is still coming along, I needa show it to coach, and a butterfly-butterfly twist to it, but I like it so far.