Kill Bill was “Enh” — Wushu on friday was better than the movie. So was dinner — the waitress at Peking Village knows me and stephan now, so she cam up to me and told me “only chinese, ni men bu neng shou yingwen” which was pretty cool. I sorta felt all smug after Nan’s cousin reacted with a “woah” when us whities — and stephan too — started talking in chinese with the waitress. Of course that smugness quickly left once I tried to say something more complicated that “one order of fast garlic eight chicken and two orders of pan fried dumplings”

Saturday class was fun, but not too productive. I spent alot of time not doing wushu. Taking pictures for the team and messing around with my optional stuff. I did sit down and read the new rules a bit and found that the backflip coach put in my forms has to come out because only nanquan can do standing back tucks. In-fact nanquan has alot of cooler high difficulty movements. However the beginning coach helped me with is pretty fun.

T’s Party on saturday was a blast. It was really cool to chill with the workers — my team rocks. er. I mean: r0x0rZ!

Time for chinese school! So I will leave you with a palindrome, have fun reading it backwards:

Egads a bass tone denotes a bad age.