I am so happy to have iTunes for windows. Yeah, it’s a geeky nerdy thing, but I am spoiled by it at home. But at home I don’t ever listen to music on the computer. But if I am gonna have to code all day I would like some nice tunes. Winamp is nice, but it had been running away with my page files. Musicmatch is on the list next to Real. Sigh I know it’s sad. But I am happy that I am sad. Or maybe I am sad that I am flying.

I felt bad for A during Chinese class. I think she was getting upset at one point, and I totally understand. That class dose not have a polite structure, there is not clear path to follow form the beginning. Nor is there a clear path ever. It totally lacks direction, and the book is horrible. Really, really bad. Doesn’t even use Pinyin. So I spend half the time transposing from Yale to Pinyin. I think the biggest problem is that I have spent countless hours repeating Chinese sentences and I had no freaking clue what they meant.

Of course it is free, and the time is good for me and the rest of my schedule. The flexibility is good if you can have the will power to force your self to go and learn.

But then again, there was some new girl there last time. She is young, and speaks good Chinese, but is there to “read and write” — doesn’t make that much since in a conversational language class. She was way too helpful. Event he teacher was getting annoyed when she tried to help. Always offering suggestions or solutions to our problems. Or non-problems. Or problems that were not problems until the solution was enforced upon us by a little girl. I just wanna learn, is that so wrong?