Everyone is getting ready for worlds. I am not gonna hide it. I am jealous. People keep talking about what they are going to do once they are free form worlds, but they got the real thing. In my little world, going to worlds is the big goal. Sure, they are stuck training compulsories – but what form you do isn’t important.

Jason, Stephan, Jessica, Felicia, Debbie, and Justin – you guys own it. Go give China a hard time.

For my wushu struggles I have been piddling around with my optional for too long. I can’t settle on a section one, much less 2, 3 and 4. I have got to settle on something and go with it, at least for a while. I watched it on video and was pretty disappointed, I look all tall and awkward. A few things were better than I thought (standing jump outside), but overall ppffftttt.

We gots testing again this weekend, and coach wants all the worlds peeps to use it as a practice. Well, I am gonna do the testing too, but that means I am doing compulsories. Hopefully I will only need two sets, not three.

In other, related, news we have has a sudden surge in interest in filmmaking and tricks, nothing is solid and fo-sho, but I am hopeful. I really want to get this cellphone commercial idea a reality.

Oh, Kelly went out of town for 3 days this week. That sucks. Kelly, don’t go away for and more than zero days each week. Thanks.