Last year I didn’t like the book, this year I hate it. And I am not sure you can even call it a book. It is a Xerox of a early 70’s era Chinese language book. Frustration of frustrations. It does not have pinyin, even Taiwan is using pinyin despite their best attempts at sticking to bopomofo, despite all the political efforts to avoit all things mainland. If they think it is so standard that they need to use it, then, dammit, lemme use it too.

Currently I am taking the Chinese class in exchange for teaching wushu. There are 3 people in my class. Me, Amina and some little girl that already speaks Chinese. The little girl is getting nothing out of the class as far as I can tell; she is there to learn the characters – however the teacher has yet to teach anything as basic as stroke order. Amina is trying to take her first real Chinese class and needs to learn thing like “my name is” or “Chinese” in Chinese. Not “shower head”. I also have little interest in screwing up my pinyin skills with Yale Romanization, er, I mean Bastardization!.

I am seriously thinking about asking the teacher if I can use a different book, and if she says no, I will just quit the class. I mean I would like to keep studying it, but it is just a hobby. I think it is something cool to learn. That’s it. I know it could be useful if I am in the wushu world, but it is by no means needed.

Seriously, the teacher calls me “Curtis”. I have been going there almost 2 years. I tried to correct her for a wile but it never took, so I jsut gave up. Amina normally comes out as “Armenia” — ugh.

My kids cannot stand still. Ever. Oh, how a long to teach 9 year olds!