Coach and most everyone left for Macao yesterday, Jason and the Zhang Sisters had their last class. It was a very relaxed class, part of it was because I was teaching, and everyone was getting ready to take off for world games and they didn’t want to kill them selves the night before they fly out. Actually, we got them to do plenty of working out, but we had a bunch of fun too (least I think so)

Class didn’t really get going till we were 25 min into the regular time. We spent osme time worming up and jumping around. Then we tried to get Jason to teach us a fun game, but the game was sorta unrelated to wushu in pretty much every way. We really need more wushu related games to play. Back in VT Gymnastics we would have all sorts of fun games we could play. Normally involved standing in a circle doing back tucks (or some other skill) until people started crashing them. But it would really work your tucks, plus it’s fun.

We would also play “show me” on the tramp – which I thought would be a fun game for wushu, but my implantation was pretty bad. I just had people add on one movement and then the next person would go. This sorta resulted a big blob of disjointed moves. Every once in a while it would make a fun combo, but those times were not frequent enough to warrant the mass pandemonium. Of course it may be that we were not used to it enough that we could play it with any finesse.

After class we sorta hung around for a little while, I really wanted to go home and see Kelly, but I also wanted to chill with everyone before they fled the country. We goofed around a little, practiced some tornado-horse stance with crossed arms and jump-outsides and I decided I needed to go harass the woman. I wished everyone g’luck and I was really excited for them. By the time I got out to the jeep I was thoroughly jealous that I couldn’t go. Not that they shouldn’t and I should (they do have a much higher skill level), but I wanna too.

Kinda like testing last Saturday, which could be summed up on one quote from coach: “Good job US Team Members and then Chris.” Honestly, when I first heard that I thought it was pretty funny. But it sorta stuck on my mind. And the more I thought about it the more I am determined to train like crazy for the next two years.

But even that, in more ways than one, sucks. Training takes up so much time and effort. I am gonna really owe Kelly after all she puts up with.

Funner Kelly note: We were grabbing dinner and talking about nothing in particular, when I brought up Madden 2004. Kelly got all bright and her eyes were wide and happy when she told me about the feature in EA’s NCAA Football that allows you to save the players that graduate and then load them into Madden for the draft. My wife is an interesting person. Of course, when I suggested switching sides for the bed she counter-suggested that we sleep upside down. I don’t even know what the means.