Labor day weekend recap
A few people from PDP got together to practice on Saturday, shot a little.
Hokies Won (What the hell happened in the 3rd quarter?).
Ate lots of football food. Mmmm, nachos.
PDP met up on Monday to do a short (but real) project. Went nowhere, I ate the doughnuts at home later that evening.

I was pretty frustrated on Monday when we were trying to film. People showing up late and others speculating about the death of the group, which consists of mostly me harassing people would otherwise not do any of this stuff at all. People gotta understand that we need to vent sometimes. It’s not the end of the world and there is no reason to always act that way.

On the plus side we got a decent practice in on Monday, and we are supposed to meet up tonight at capital for some more practicing.

I want my wall flip back. Bad. Don’t know how to practice it — no walls at Capital that could take it. I’ll ask Carlos about it tonight. I could always get some balls and just go for it at wushu. Such a wuss. sigh