I used my guiding sword a little last night, because Stephan hasn’t been able to replace his broken one yet, that sucka is heavy. Wrist pain city. I still may go back and use it a little because it is so heavy — but aside form being slow and easy to hurt your self with, it feels solid. Such a nice balance — maybe I just need stronger wrists.

Oh, I did wall flips last night. Kelly said she was proud. Yay me!

Actually, they were more like pole flips, and I didn’t do any sans-spotter. I was such a wuss in that regard. I never crashed, I never needed a spot, but I just wanted the insurance there. I will get Carlos to spot me again next week and then I have to try on my own. Even the one I messed up and rushed through turned out fine — I made it to my feet. Never came close to landing on my head or smacking the wall’so I needa go for it. I also wanna learn how to spot like Carlos can, that guy is a crazy spotting machine.