Best weather ever. It is so nice out side, and it was all weekend. I skipped wushu both on Friday and Saturday because of it. Friday Kelly and I were down in old town to see our broker lady. It was so nice out side that we just had to walk around and stop in at La Piazza for some Italian grub. Saturday, same thing, went and dropped off the exhaust manifold at the mechanic’s and would up meeting J for some uber great Greek food. (I had an urge) But that resulted in no wushu. However, we went and played on a playground. Everyone got sick on the marry-go-round — except me, of course. We even went and test-drove a MINI. The MINI was pretty swell, but I don’t think it is going to fit the bill. So sad. I really like that car, the S is pretty spunky too. After the MINI dealer, we swung by Carmax to check out their prices on Jeep sto get a idea of what to ask and couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of nice cars there that would suit me just fine. And much cheaper than new. I think the 5-8 grand that I would save on a used car is gonna be worth it for me.

Kelly and I are being plagued by the “I don’t think we will ever be able to afford a house” demon. They are just so expensive here. Seriously, a town house with a one car garage down the street from out current apartment is half a million dollars! I really don’t think we can put down enough unless we live far away. Like Richmond. Hmm, Waldorf is cheap, and it would only be a few hour drive EVERY DAY! Agghhhag! If prices only go up, how can we afford to wait? But how can we afford to get in? How can anyone afford anything?

Wait and save and save some more.