My quads are sore. I blame Jason. He was the one that lead class on Monday, and well, made us do a buttload of frog jumps. After a few qing-wa tiao races we were toasted. Of course Jason threw in fidy crunches and a bunch o ab-o-rators, but my abs != hurt. Me quads == ouchy.

Well, I did more successful wall flips last night. Still used a spotter every time. Still never needed the spotter. I don’t know why they freak me out. The strange thing about the wall flips is my “6th sense” is all screwed up. Back in VT Gymnastics when John was teaching my back tucks he explained the need to develop a 6th sense, a sense of where you are in the air. This way you know if you need to pull over harder or open up and take your time. Pretty much you learn to feel where you are as you flip and spin in relation to the ground. Well, in the wall flip, you jump off a wall, not the ground. So I think that throw me off a little. Of course any new skill takes time go get used to, and I can just drill it until I feel right. And that is my solution to anything.

Most of my free time has been spent concentrating on buying stuff. Two things in particular. A car and a house. I want to sell the jeep, for a number of reasons. I have a high APR. I am wasting a perfectly good Jeep commuting on freeways every day. The longer I wait the less I will get for it (wanna sell before I break 60K). And most of all I am ready for a car. I have always like small sporty fun cars. So I am ready to get one. Thinking of the car is not too stressful. Thinking of a house, well, is. And mostly it is the thought of getting a down payment for a house in the DC area. Looks like we will have to drop at least $200 grand to bet a place we will fit into, and that would include a newer bigger longer commute.

Perhaps later today I will write up the cars I am considering, for now here is a short list of the ones I like:
GTI (used)
WRX Wagon (used)
Focus SVT
Civic Si

I also drove Bryan’s brand new Matrix and liked it a decent amount, but it have a few things I don’t much care for, like, you ride pretty high — and that seems to make it feel more un-sporty and top heavy. I did like the interior layout and all the space. Ah, I’ll save the rest of this for more a involved write up.