I am fretting about the Jeep now. I posted an ad on cars.com and put up a message on the BB here at work, so it is starting to get close. I havn’t gotten any calls yet or anything but my jeep may soon be gone. I was putting the carpet back, washing it, in and taking pictures for the Ad – but while I was loading the pictures into the computer I just couldn’t help but think how nice a jeep it really is. So I get cold feet a little.

The only real reason for me to sell it is I would really like to have a car-car. That’s pretty much it.

If/When I sell it I am pretty sure I will replace it with a GTI. Something a few years old. I also like the WRX wagons, but I am not sure how solid it would be.

Psst, you wanna Id’e fixe?

Well, I lightly toasted my right hamstring last night during spear class. The pig jumps to slam – just a little, but I can tell it is hurt and prone for more hurtin’. Arg. Overall the class was OK, we got J to run class because Coach had to run off for some demo practice. Of course that practice ran long, and resulted in us having to stay late for the parents to return and get their non-demoing kids back. But I ate Chuplas (supreme, no tomatoes) and got to play some chain whip.

I had intended to type something up that was a little more meaningful than a this is what I did today post, but I am fretting. So whatcha gonna do?