I almost skipped wushu on Saturday to take the Jeep to Carmax and see how much they’d give me, but Kelly didn’t like being rushed into it so I went to wushu instead. I was really glad that I did. It was the best class I have had in a long time. It was just me Stephan, and Amina — later Rene showed. It was nice because the place was empty except for the three of us. And we actually pushed hard and did real training. S was saying that he feels out of shape and would constantly push hard, so I pushed hard and as a result got a great workout. We did a lot of changquan stuff, which I didn’t really want to do, but in the end I was happy I did. Not to fear, I got in plenty of spear. I have picked up the large gross movements that are section 3. One more section to learn and it is drilling till I got it proper. I like spear. I like it despite the fact that I feel like throwing up after 2 sections. I have a hard time saying spear in Chinese. Qiang. Awkward word.

Sunday was supposed to be laid back day. Till Coach called Stephan while we (Kelly and Amina were there too) were getting Pho. I got roped into a demo. International Children’s Festival. There goes Sunday. But’.it’s at Wolf Trap, coolest place I ever demo’d so far.

The night before wound up crashing over at J & D’s house. And well, J is out of town for some flirting, so it was just D. And Sean too, ‘cause we dragged him along for the ride. (on a fun side note, we took him shopping and he bought the most expensive shoes he ever bought. $45 for a pair or Adidas Sambas. We have corrupted poor ‘lil Sean so much. coughcell phonecough Muhahah). Well, to make a tedious and moderately lengthy story short we wound up crashing at D’s place. Not much sleep. Showed up at Wolf Trap and I was double exhausted.

Exhausted or not it was still crazy cool to go back stage there, so cool. We had dressing rooms and everything. We did our little bit and everyone complained about how horrible their individual sets were, but praised everyone else’s performance…the usual stuff. I feel a need to get an optional weapon set down so I can use it for demos. Time to work on some chain whip again. I really need to choreo a lil 2 section demo-form for that. Maybe I will play with it after class tonight. I would go back to pudao, but chain whip is just easier and much flashier. And I love flash. And sparkles. But sparkles are not really related to chain whip, I just like them.

Well, I made it late to Chinese school because of the demo, luckily I was able to find my Chinese teacher and got to do a little Chinese before I had to teach. Turns out the only other tong xue men (classmate) in the class has been shipped off to boarding school. So I am getting private Chinese lessons. Least till next week, when Amina says she’ll go too. I still hate our book. Stupid Yale romanization.

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and chilling with the wife. Watched some TV. Played some Phase 10.

I finished Speaker for the Dead, so I didn’t have anything I wanted to read — made it through a few pages of Neromancer but I am having a hard time getting into that book so far. I’ll just have to force my self to sit down and read it. Ender and Speaker were so captivating, I am having a hard time not going out and getting another Card book.