I have been having a hard tome communicating my ideas recently. It’s like the same feeling when I am trying to say something in Chinese but have no idea how to form the sentence, much less the words to use. Only, this is with more complex ideas and in my native language. I have the idea in my head, but when I try to form the words together they don’t mesh into what I was thinking. Or the idea takes much more effort and wrong turns than should be needed.

Maybe I should enunciate better.

Things just get twisted around and misunderstood too often. The current I am dealing with is people on Raffi’s are “discussing” the score inflation at team trials. Claiming that all the scores should be exactly what those competitors would get at worlds. So, if you pull off a 9.5 at teams, you should be right there at worlds. However, everyone thinks (and I agree) that we prolly need to subtract .3 or .4 from everyone’s score to get on the scale they would use at worlds. Now my argument was going to be: does it matter? Is this just a case of them never intending to be on the same scale as worlds? It brings to mind the discussions I have had about the Bible. Many of the people that have problems with the Bible don’t take it for what it is. If the USAWKF always intended to have the scores relative to the competition, then would it even matter? I don’t think so. Maybe in 2 years they should score us with letter scores instead of numbers. Maybe colors. “I got a orange point blue! I win!”

Of course the counter arguments: the judges need better training. Human factors should be eliminated with proper training. We need to prepare for worlds, and should be as close to worlds at possible.

Why post if it is going to be misunderstood and/or otherwise ineffective. Disillusionment? Yes, I’ll take two. On the upside it can be accounted to a small handful of nerdy guys bickering over the Internet. If I think of it that way, I just want to train harder.

Speaking of training harder. I had a long day yesterday but I made it to wushu (albeit a late) for some swording fun. Chased that with some gymnastics. Despite my really sleepy state (every time I closed my eyes, I could feel my self drifting off) I was able to get some practicing in. My back handsprings were really high, so the r.o.-b.h.s.-b.t. was rather awkward. I did get to drill wall flips, and that went smoothly. And honestly, that’s all I really wanted to work on anyway.

It was cool that Amina went, and Stephan is a dork for dissing us. Poor guy didn’t know what he was missing.

Skipping wushu tonight, Tom asked me to film some stuff. It shouldn’t take too long either. A pretty cool little project actually, something for school. He was required to do a stop motion short, but he decided to work in live action. So he is gonna shoot an action figure in front of a green screen and composite it in with a person. I getta be that person. We will film the live action stuff first and he will go through and match things up as he creates the stop motion. I am excited to see the end project.