The sadest thing happened last night. We went to Sweet Water for dinner (that’s not he sad part), and I got the jambalaya pasta (also not sad). Well, I only ate about a 1/3 (no sad) so that I could save the rest for lunch — well I forgot to take the left over 2/3 home with me. AIYA! I seriously stayed up thinking about that $16 meal that I love, yet only got to eat $6 worth. Hell, I should’ve tore up a $10 bill. Or left some jambalaya pasta at the restaurant. Mmmm, jambalaya pasta. I’d go get some more, but we are having a hurricane now.

Isabelle has been doing her dance up and down the coast and is hitting VA Beach about now. We otta be hit around 9 pm tonight. I went in to work for a few hours this morning, yet they kicked me out about 11. Then I sat around and watched TV. It sprinkled a little, is a lil windy, but nothing to write about. Perhaps the exciting (hopefully not too exciting) part will happen later tonight.

Here’s to hoping that the Hokies play tonight. And if they do, that we have power so we can watch the game.