We never lost power. Water was declared non-potable, but it always flowed. Phones kept working. We came out of Isabelle nearly completely unscathed. Scarcest part was when we were watching the VT/A&M game and the lights would dim causing Kelly to yell at the electricity. It was nice knowing my UPS was doing it’s thing. I am gonna have to invest in another one for the server and router.

Friday was a post hurricane party.

Saturday I skipped wushu — which was harder than you might think. The school wasn’t open on Thursday or Friday, but I wanted to go play basketball for the first time in years. Probably near 4 or 5 years. I was most impressed with Kelly, when we played Sextons Vs. McHughs she was the only Sexton to get a basket. Even though I skipped wushu I still got the call to come help with the Parade on Sunday, which, as it turns out was not a problem. Chinese school had been canceled from the storm.

Sunday was the chinese culture thing down in china town. Best part is china town is so small that we had to go around the block for the parade or else we’d march right out of it. I had the distinct honor of being the token white guy for the wushu demo. We had another whitey doing dragon, but you tend to blend in better when doing that. I was just marching down street — standing 8 inches over all those around me. Wearing red silks. Swinging a sword. The parade was short and uneventful — once we got to the end of the line there was a stage and the parade just sorta piled up on top of it self to cram in at the end. We were the second in line so we wound up right up front. Basically there was a big crowd all crammed into that last block. The fun started when we scooted people back and made a circle to do wushu tricks and combos in. That even developed into sections. It was a lot of fun. Jason was doing double legs over 3 and 4 people. I just wish the people form USWA woulda come over and joined us. Some of them expressed interest. Some of them shouted insults. Quality. Later we had to do a real demo — regular stuff we always do, the real fun was the tricks circle.

I only did one section during the “real’ demo. Which is inspiring me to work on my optional stuff. I need couple of non-compulsory things to fall back on at these things. Sure I am in the middle of spear right now, but that is compulsory, and thus, boring. Plus spear is a frikking long weapon and that makes it hard for demos. I’ll go work on hopping on my butt tonight.

It was crazy how many wushu people were downtown. Both schools has so many people representing, but I am crazy proud of how O-Mei did. We didn’t have the brand new 1000-foot dragon nor did we put our drum in a BMW convertible, but I liked that. O-Mei has always been Rocky in its little run down gym. That other school is nice, it’s clean, it’s the high tech USSR gym. I am not trying to infer bad things, just noting what I saw this weekend. But, I have always tended towards the non bling things in life.

Nice seeing old friends again. I talked to the people I wanted to talk to. I saw DL and her daughter — it had been so long. I really, really like both of them. I wish I coulda seen peter again, but maybe it is better that I didn’t.

Paula is going away. She is going away the same day I leave for California. So it is sad that she will be gone, but happy that Kelly and I getta go to LA. She will be back in November, which to me dosent seem like a long time at all. Of course I bet Jason feels differently. (ya shoulda seen em at the restaurant on Saturday night, awwwww)

Now the question is Box Chicken or Italian Sub Day? Who says my job isn’t hard?