I was never a big football fan. I never really tried to be; there was never any reason. The kids I hung out with growing up were not into it. My dad liked it, but he never tried to get me to understand/become involved. So it wasn’t until I went to Tech that I had any interest. Ironic thing is my wife loves the stuff. Her and her dad would watch NFL when she was growing up. She really knows all sorts of crazy details. She told me that daddy always said that it would help when she met a guy. Poor girl. Kelly keeps saying that she could turn into a college football junkie. Is it strange to make a point to get into football mroe to hang with the wife? I have found it surprising how the more you know and watch the more fun it is. Even watching Monday night stuff last night was good. Not like watching TV where you sit quietly and don’t interact – but you yell, discuss, complain, speculate and cheer.

She puts up with wushu; I can watch some football, right? And this gives me something to talk about with the work fellas.

Oh, right, wushu. I worked on some chain whip last night. Rene was there and helped me out with some things. I have a horrible time with the one handed spin thing, I kept almost getting it, but it never really happened. I also showed up and we lacked a coach so I wound up running advanced class, so we did lots of butterflies.

Tonight gymnastics, and a number of wushu peeps otta be coming along. Wall flips and aerial twists.

I know more about gymnastics than Kelly, so I am still a MAN. RAH! Er…