Work moved us out of the nice happy conference room into a couple co cubes and a closet. Everyone (except for us) were acting like it was a good, thing. “Don’t worry you’ll be out of the conference room soon” they would say, bah. I wanna go back. I am all isolated and it is depressing out here.

I am pretty depressed about wushu right now. It seems like everyone that tried made it. I try to make myself feel better by learning new stuff, like, say…spear. But sitting in a frikking cube annoyed that I am being bathed in nasty green florescent light isn’t helping my pity-party.

I feel bad for Kelly. I have poured so much time into my sport and she is always the one that gets shafted by it. Oh, she knows it too, most of the time she pushes me to train – but every so often has to put her foot down. And the downing of the foot hasn’t happened in a very long time. I think she needs more nice things

Avoiding a life of mediocrity is hard to do. Especially if you follow all the rules and do what you are supposed to do.

I am going to Richmond tomorrow, so I will get ot meet Joshua for the first time. Plus I will get to go play with Jacob, which is clearly the most exciting thing ever. We can go outside and chris.