Fun with tornados: My first muddy steps into Bagua

Friday i took my first bagua class, it is part of the wushu indulgence I am allowing for my self now that team trials is over. I was a good class, mostly due to the skilled guidance of Johnson (one of the internal coaches at O-Mei, and no, I don’t know if that is his first or last name). Allow me to paraphrase one of the tidbits of knowledge Johnson bestowed upon our class:

xingyi takes 10 years, taiji takes 20, but bagua will never be mastered

He said it in much more elegant terms, but that is the gist. Kelly pointed out that maybe bagua is not for me because I want to master everything I do. Of course I won’t do it unless it is impossible to master. Then I don’t feel so bad about not mastering it.

JACOB! and Joshua too.

it was awesome to see Jacob, Laura tells me he has been asking about me and was all excited that Kelly and I were coming down. He showed me chris moves — he even as a great one where he jumps up and spins a full 360 and lands flat on his belly. That was great until he busted his lip on the ground. I do need to make him some moves that don’t involve me hitting people, ‘cause I am the root of his violent streak (aiya!)


Friday night my cell phone wet off — the caller Id said ti was everett. I though “this is odd, how did he know I was in town.” When I picked up it seemed like he had a bad signal and was breaking up. So I stood outside yelling “Hello!” for 10 min. Apparently, he didn’t call me, instead his ever-so-intelligent phone did it for him (how his phone knew I was in town I will never know), but as we was driving down the highway in a mini-van loaded with toys he heard me yelling “HELLO” at him — eventually our persistence paid off and we were able to set up a rendezvous for the next night.

Everett, well, what can I say, he looked like he was doing good. There is more of him now — and he made new music, which I really didn’t get to listen to, but I want to. Needa get a copy. I am glad that his cell phone called me.

I am also glad that he introduced me to Strong Bad and his friends.