Yesterday I really had the hankering to go to gymnastics and wushu – I think I can blame that on watching a few of Team Ryouko’s videos. Good stuff – I love the 5 step wall flip. And I want springy shoes more than, say, a G5. But not as much as I want a pit and a few mats.

But the real true highlight of yesterday was the whole anniversary thing. A whopping 3 years of marriedness. Kelly had a pretty crappy day at the office, but I was able to pry her out of there shortly after five (at one time she was saying she might be done by 7:30) and we went to see American Wedding. Which I thought was crazy funny. Much better than last the anniversary when we saw Austin Powers 3. We chased that with a little dinner at the Daily Grill. Not our best seats (it was like the wheel seat on the bus) or our best waiter (he was clearly involved in much more witty banter with the other patrons) – but it was good food, and the manager that ran around in a nice suit checking on people was extra attentive to us.

No more details for you! Ha!

Oh, but I did find a great article on care sales