Kelly’s nocturnal self-defense

After last night I don’t worry about strange men sneaking in to my house and snuggling with my wife any more. I have found that she has a built in self defense mechanism ‘ the head butt. I tell you something, I was just scooting close to get some warmth and WHAM she jerked her head back and knocked me right on the top of the head. The pain was so great that I no longer feel a need to worry about her getting mis-snuggled

Psst, I got a id’e fixe

I didn’t make it to gymnastics last night, wushu ran late and I wasn’t feeling all the great. I did however do a little tumbling at wushu. Make sure I can still do my cheesy basic tumbling pass and did a few tucks. It was nice to practice twists and flips again after concentrating on compulsory and nothing but compulsory movements for so long.

My butterfly twist feels low again. I will have to get that back up. And now that I have proven to my self that I can do a tornado split I otta get that twist split thing up to par. Once my hamstrings feel better. They have been toasted since the Monday after trials. Or maybe it was at trials, but I was too tired afterwards to notice.

Tuesday, I swear, on Tuesday I will go back to the gym.

Spear was fun though. I do like half the first section now, but I even had one of the little kids say that he thought I was good a spear. And apparently there was some debate over weather or not I have been doing spear or not. Either they are the most unobservant kids ever or I didn’t suck like I thought I did. I’ll interpolate and pretend that I am somewhere in the middle. I wanna do more, but today I getta play bagua, assuming we can get a coach for the class.