Lunch #3, Monkey name Chris, 13th

I have already eaten my lunch and I am still hungry. I didn’t even wait for lunchtime. I donno if I am gonna just be hungry or go get some more food. See, I have this problem when I get home I needa eat before wushu, but that doesn’t give me more than an hour to get food and eat it. So I wind up going to wushu just after eating. Not happy times. But it is also anti-happy when I am all shaky and shivery because I didn’t eat. I need to move my eating times away from the traditional meal schedule. I am thinking 10:30 for lunch #1 (I guess this could be breakfast, but I don’t ever eat breakfast so I’ll call it lunch), cause I am always hungry by then. Then lunch #2 at 2:30 or 3. And a post wushu dinner around 10. That sounds more pleasant. Maybe I will rename dinner to lunch #3, because that is way funner. Heh. Funner. Funnerlishious!

This weekend was a lot of fun.

We had a BBQ and forced a bunch of O-Mei people to come eat red meat (now, if we could only inter-mix our wushu friends), which was a success. Except for Amina, who ate a veggie burger. But we don’t talk about that. We hung out and played some games watched some wushu and learned the secrets of the shao lin. In the process I got a monkey named after me. So if you ever go to Brazil, make sure you find Paula and meet her monkey named “Chris.” Great stuff.

Friday I went to bagua, but we didn’t have a bagua coach so George took over and taught us a few new palms. Now I know 1-7! Only one more to go, then I have to worry about “perfecting” them. Yay – modified dragon style. Saturday we did a lot of sub-sub-section drills. Short little bits of the form — more than a combo, but not quite half a section — didn’t get to spear, but s.s. needs work anyway.

Well, we did the math – I missed the US team by one hundredth of a point. I finished 13th. My goal was top twelve. That was disappointing, but somewhat reassuring — for some reason it makes me feel as if I am more accomplished than when swimply I didn’t make the team. Still, it’s not enough. I am not gonna settle. Must train harder. Mmmm, bitter.