I will go to gymnastics tonight. No matter what. I am going to have to tell coach that I must leave by 8:30 so I can make sure I will be there. Must encourage this urge I am having to go back and get better at some non-wushu acrobatics stuff. For example, I really want to do wall flips again, but I have been scared to try them outside of gymnastics. But at gymnastics we don’t’ have any walls to flip on. I think this is half the reason I miss VT Gymnastics, wall flips. Maybe Carlos will let me try on that pole at the edge of the floor.

I got to teach last night, it was really fun, I wish I could have done a better job though. I really like to run class – this urge to help people get better. I felt kinda bad when I decided to do throw-n-roll drills, one of the students thought it was stupid and went and practiced out off the floor in protest. I understood, but I also thought it was good that we practice them.

A couple of times X chimed in and tried to help, but mostly I wanted to have the class succeed or fail because of me. But I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t know that the class was mine until it was almost over. Originally I was supposed to warm us up, and wound up running the entire thing. Which I was glad to do, and I checked and double-checked with the guy who would have been in charge by default and he was (repeatedly) cool with it. So, with hindsight, it was my class.

There have been a few people that have had this amazing skill for running a good class, I want to learn this. Sure LXL or ZGF had a well established structure, but Brandon and Master Phuong could run a class with a perfect balance of fun and serious work.

Bla? Baba-bla.

I know when I hear people talk about Anita’s class they all say that she demands perfection – I think they mean it in a bad way – but I hear this and think that I want them to say the same of me.