I totally bashed my knee during spear last night. I remember doing it, but I don’t remember when. Spear is hard, I was dead tired and wanted to go throw up — and I am just learning it.

I heard Jason jia you for me a few times last night, somehow he manages to convince me that he really means it. If I hear most people cheer me on I just think they are being nice, but that kid has me convinced he means it. I mostly point this out, because I want to know what it takes to get that guy to other people. The only thing I can think of is only jia you when you mean it — but there has to be more to it than that.

I took Sean and Neal to the gym last night. Paula was gonna go, but she bashed her knee during spear (I can relate). I harassed them and got Carlos to come help teach and spot back tucks. I think if Sean tried he would have it, no problem. He is much better than I when I started out. Must be all the wushu. He was also landing butterfly twists on an 8″ mat in the pit. I was impressed. Neal made it around on a few back tucks, and was doing double legs over the (maybe 3′ 6″ high) rope with me. Double legs are fun. I tumbled a little, but my feet still hurt – ever since team trials. Like just inside the arch next to the ball of my left foot, it’s like the bones hurt. Maybe they are just bruised. It hurts to walk with out shoes on.

Today we are going to the NC, see Brandon and Gerald (and meet his woman, hopefully). Sean is bumming a ride – but will be staying with his bike shop friends. Jeannie is tagging along so it should make for a fun trip down. Unfortunately I think I will be doing all the driving. Yay, Raleigh!